Sport springs for the VW Arteon

Lennestadt, 28. July 2017

The new VW flagship Arteon it isn't so easy. The four-door coupe replaces the Passat CC, but is intended to cover at the same time as a luxury replacement for the discontinued luxury sedan Phaeton. An elegant appearance, he is, without a doubt, a relaxing glider.In terms of dynamics but there is definitely still room. The H&amp discovered;R and presented shortly after the market introduction of the first chassis modifications.

Almost 30 mm deep

The new sport springs are matched according to the Sauerland driving dynamics experts exactly to the chassis layout and the axle loads of the Arteon. About 25 mm at the front and 30 millimetres on the rear axle it goes for the big Volkswagen to the bottom. This gives the Arteon a richer look and acts according to H&R also on the driving experience: The Lennest├Ądter the promise of improved agility and a sportier on the road. With a consistently high level of comfort.

Heavier with track plates

In preparation, the well-known Trak are also+wheel spacers which make the wheels flush with the wheel arches complete and the Arteon-optic force as to give. The new lowering springs are not for 261 Euro, prices for the plates are not yet known.(sw)