Sport springs for the Mercedes E-class T-model

Lennestadt, 8. September 2017

Who buys a Mercedes E-class T-model, does this probably mainly because of the huge space, modern technology Features and great driving comfort. Sporting intentions, most of the E-wagon is likely to customer (the extremely high-performance AMG variants are not excluded). A bit more pepper in the base will not harm the rather cozy-matched load master but safe also. Anyone who sees this in his E-class T-model, is now in suspension specialist H&R able to find.

30 and 40 mm deep

The Lennestädter force Daimler's large station wagon with a newly-developed sport springs that are 30 (front) or 40 mm (back) in the knee. H&R travel, speaks of an optimized technical Performance and reduced Roll in corners with sufficient Rest. So the wheels are a bit fuller in the wheel arches, the racing-proven Sauer countries, in addition to "Trak+"wheel spacers in different sizes. The lowering springs come with a TÜV report, and are like the plates for other models of the E-class series.(sw)