Sport springs and wheel spacers for the range Rover Evoque convertible

Lennestadt, 28 April 2017

Would you like to up sitting and deep impress? The range Rover Evoque has convertible SUV without the best conditions to do so. So come as SUV fresh air fanatics, not only in the area to your cost, the suspension specialists H & R hand have now applied to the unique convertible. Is now available in the program are therefore now sports springs and wheel spacers.

40 mm deep, up to 60 mm wide

The spring characteristic of the sport Springs will cause a significant tightening of the chassis. This should bring the car when driving as quickly nothing. The lowering gives a new look also: front and rear around 40 mm. In addition, H & R "Trak +" provides wheel spacers, which 40 to 60 mm per axle of the wheel houses come out the serial or aftermarket wheels.

Prices include parts certificate

The sport spring kit including lowering beats with 244 euros, the spacers are available per axis from 127 euros. There are opinions for the TUV. And by the way: A Range Rover Evoque convertible costs at least 51.400 euros. (ml)