Space Springer goes Touareg

Bratislava ( Slovakia), July 17, 2014

No other makes such great jumps as he: Felix Baumgartner. With his extreme actions he became world famous. The Austrian holds several world records in skydiving and in the Base Jump, jumping from high buildings. The most striking departure gave the 45-year-old in October 2012, when he ascended into the stratosphere and of nearly 39 kilometers there darted toward Earth, of which 36 km in free fall. He reached, wearing only his protective suit, a speed of 1,358 kilometers per hour. That was enough for a triple world record.

Arrival at the helicopter

On Earth moves the athlete who is for VW as a brand ambassador on the road since 2013, down to earth continues. On July 14, 2014 Baumgartner has picked its new Touareg at the VW plant in Bratislava. Even his arrival was unusual: The world record holder came by helicopter from Vienna and landed right behind his new car.

Special color and Stratos logo

As was to be expected of Baumgartner's mobile, also the car is unique. The SUV is painted in a specially formulated mixed titanium silver metallic, same color as the space capsule from the Baumgartner dared his space jump. Striking are the black rims on the headrests there is also Red Bull Stratos logo. The Special Touareg is powered by a 360 hp V8 TDI. A trained mechanical engineer and car mechanic tried his new cart from the same factory on the off-road track. By car it is according to its own estimates, 60,000 km to travel in? with lots of luggage and especially his parachute . (HD)