So VW moves into the future

Wolfsburg, 22 November 2016

Only last week Volkswagen had caused uproar with the announcement of massive job cuts. Up to 23,000 points to omitted in Germany alone, although in the field of electric mobility, create new jobs. But that is only one side of the coin. Is crucial for the crisis-hit brand also, what should go in the future at all of the tapes. Therefore, the strategy of "Transform 2025 +" was now adopted. So much was anticipated: the term 'Diesel' appears in any row.

Look to the top

VW Chief Herbert Diess makes it clear that "Transform 2025 +" remains barely a stone on the other: "only the very least things are so stay as they are. The new strategy is a big transformation program ultimately." In three steps VW wants to reorient themselves. By 2020 to the core business will be restructured, pursuing the leap to the top of electric vehicles by 2025 and 2030, the leadership role "in the new world of car mobility" is the claim.

Only SUVs, then electric cars

A core element of the strategy is according to VW global positioning at the top of the volume segment, close to premium brands. Succeed I want a SUV campaign and then through new electric cars. There is talk of a "uniform global brand management with new design concept". In the United States wants to VW with large SUVs and sedans come back to the top. From 2021, the local production of electric cars on the basis of the modular electric Kit (MEB) is to start there as well. In China, it reverted to the strongly growing segment of economy, so Volkswagen in the truest sense of the word.

Clear-cutting in the model range

From 2020 to the great VW electric offensive kicks, the MEB is to make it possible. By 2025, you want to sell a million electric cars per year and be the world market leader in this area. The ambitious plan is financed by the absence of volume - and low-yield conventional models and variants. Cars like the Scirocco or a three-door Golf could land on the siding. More than 2.5 billion euro investment means clear-cutting to release.

Digital future

In addition, VW plans to develop its own digital platform. 2025 is expected to the world's 80 million active users who flush every year approximately one billion euros into the coffers. New mobility services to broaden the earnings base.

Dare more democracy

A lot to "Transform 2025 +" recalls the lofty plans of former Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn. He wanted to make the group until 2018 to the largest car manufacturer in the world. At any price, "Diesel Gate" and an internal climate of fear as consequences. So that such a thing does not repeat itself, a comprehensive organisational reform is planned. It includes flatter hierarchies, more agility, and a more open discussion culture. Whether from the super tanker, Volkswagen is a speedboat? It should be interesting. (rh)