So the Ferrari could look like SUV

Hair, 3. November 2017

Rumors of a Ferrari SUV has been around for some time. Last month, but company CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed at last what so long has been speculated. Ferrari my the with the SUV, "dead serious", but from now on, it would take at least 30 months, until you could bring a production car on the market, revealed to the Italo-Canadians in a visit to the New York stock exchange.

Balance true

"We need to learn how to master this new relationship between exclusivity and scarcity of the products. Then we will bring the Desire for growth and expansion of the product portfolio in the Balance," said Marchionne in October 2017.

Next GTC4Lusso as a base?

The first official Details of the car you can probably expect in the first quarter of 2018. Then Ferrari its new five-year plans to submit Plan. At the present time, we still have no exact idea of the Design of the car describes Marchionne himself as a FUV (Family Utility Vehicle). However, our colleagues from OmniAuto could have look made a detailed Rendering that we have an idea of how the first high seat-a vehicle of the Cavalino Rampante. The project with the internal Code FX16 is likely to share the platform with the next GTC4Lusso. According to some Reports, the Ferrari will use the SUV with a turbocharged V8 Hybrid, and the power to all four wheels.

For China is important

The SUV will play a major role in Ferrari's plans to double the profits of the company until 2022. China is seen as a key market. Just because the Chinese prefer large SUVs and sedans and expensive sports cars in General. Even if these costs, such as the Ferrari SUV, more than 300,000 Euro. If the Crossover from Maranello will debut sometime after 2020, it will need to provide a befitting competition. Lamborghini Sport SUV Urus makes its debut at 4. December 2017. The 650-HP-V-will launch in early 2018, the production, and is expected to come mid-2018 on the European market. Source:OmniAuto(sw)