So the BMW i3 and i3s in 2018 to come

It's hard to believe, but for BMW the future is actually already four years old. Since November 2013, the electro-pioneer i3 is already on the market. A bit strange he looks in the street. And really often you don't see him there also. In the process, since 2014, he is the best-selling electric car in Germany. Thus, the cells still remains a because the competition is waking up finally, slowly, buy the Munich-based your current Compact now to the IAA (14. - 24. September 2017) a Facelift.

Visually, only slight Changes

What looks like pure Science Fiction, it does not need a design standpoint, the large blood transfusion. BMW is therefore restricted to the now painted black for A-pillars and roof arches, a wide chrome bar at the rear as well as slightly modified aprons with new, horizontal LED turn signals in the front. LED headlights are now standard and if you want to dive you to your new i3 in two new colors (not simultaneously, hopefully) called Melbourne Red and Imperial blue. Inside the Bayern offer for the equipment variant of the "Lodge" in the future, seats with a wild Mix of sheep wool cloth and leather, which was tanned with an extract from olive tree leaves.

i3 now available with two drive variants

Sounds too esoteric? Then fast forward to the Department of technology and driving dynamics. All the friends of the electric athleticism now, please cheer, because BMW give the i3 is actually a second, more powerful drive. You fortunately, a new sports model called the i3s urge on. Wear not know just Tesla, that electric may also make a bit of Fun. The normal i3 continues to with 170 HP and 250 Newton metres, the new i3s brings it to 184 HP and 270 Newton meters. Common to both is the stronger 33-kWh battery. The smaller 22-kWh battery, not applicable. Both i3 versions are supposed to create according to the new WLTP Standard is about 235 to 250 km range. For everyday use, BMW is expecting well over 200 kilometres. If that's not enough: as before, there is the i3 (and also the i3s) with a 38-HP Range Extender to increase the range of around 330 kilometres.

Now also perform light Drifts. Really

The driving dynamics of the BMW helps the i3 with a revised scheme of stability control on the jumps. The optimised traction control system to provide faster reactions for souveränere driving characteristics. The new (and, according to BMW-unique in the world) Wheel speed limit is set to Accelerate in the strong or in the thrust phase with a strong brake energy recuperation for greater driving stability and traction in the wet and snow. In addition, the dynamic traction Control (DTC) is now over the entire speed range available. The result is enhanced cornering agility and the ability to send your i3 now in light Drifts. Sure, THE new selling point for the model, well-maintained city-Stromer.

i3s puts more emphasis on dynamics

Just the new i3s are likely to mutate as the purest driving machine. But Seriously: Not only to the front (from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 instead of the 7.3 seconds; 160 instead of 150 km/h maximum speed) should the new 184-horsepower Top model for a bit more enthusiasm. Thanks to a 40 mm wider rear axle, 20 mm wider, 20-inch wheels with 175er and 195er tyres (normal i3: 155-19-inchers all around), as well as a sport suspension with ten mm lowered suspension is also likely when the curve is more joy wagging. In addition, the i3s has a sport mode that tightens at the touch of a button, the characteristic lines of the Gas and steering.

For more assistance, faster Loading

In terms of Infotainment, the i3 equipped with the latest iDrive Generation, including a new 10.25-inch screen and improved voice recognition. Apple CarPlay is in the i3 now. Just like real-time traffic reports, Parking-search service, and the availability of public charging stations. The driving AIDS in the Facelift-i3 include a new Parking assistant, an active speed relgelung with Stop&Go function and a traffic jam assistant that will do to 60 km/h, the lane guidance. Will be charged at the normal household power outlet in about eleven hours. With the new 11-kW Wallbox, the process is shortened to about two and three quarter hours. The 2018er model year comes out in November 2017 on the market. The prices for the i3 start at 37.550 Euro. The are 750 euros more than in the past. The new BMW i3s will cost at least 41.150 Euro. The versions with Range Extender are each 4,600 euros more expensive.(sw)