So far, 71 500 cars sold More and more Porsche

More and more Porsche

Porsche has increased its deliveries in the year to date by six percent compared to the same period: From January until May 2014 gave the sports car manufacturer almost 71 500 new cars to customers around the world. In May, Porsche sold with an increase of ten per cent more than 16 500 vehicles.

In Europe, the brand achieved since the beginning with almost 24 000 cars sold, an increase of ten percent. Almost 19 000 units sold in the United States, the largest Porsche - market, an increase of seven percent mean compared to the first five months of last year.

Especially the Panamera put strong impetus and provided with 11 000 deliveries worldwide for the largest increase of all model series (+20 %). Only in May 2014 increased deliveries of the Porsche sports sedan by 35 percent to just 2000 pieces. Satisfaction are the Stuttgart also with the novice Macan, which is introduced by the end of the year in all markets. In the previous sales in the home market of Germany about 60 percent of buyers who bought a Porsche for the first time. ( ampnet / jri )