So an icon becomes a desolate van

Cremona (Italy), April 4, 2017

Duck to the goddess: The French automobile history has produced so many icon. Among them there is also a van as he could be French: type H Citroën. It was built from 1948 to 1981, so no less than 33 years, and was one of the of the most widely used retail in France, served not only as a van for small farms, but did also service for police, Fire Department and post office, as well as (with air suspension) as ambulance. Now he rises as a clone from the ashes.

The corrugated iron Bush Celebrates 70th anniversary

The front-wheel drive corrugated metal rifle with the distinctive, angular exterior was introduced in 1947, so this year celebrates her 70th birthday. To an Italian named Fabrizio Caselani and the well-known designer David decided this round anniversary resurrects Obendorfer, the type H. A kit that allows you transform a modern delivery van in a replica of the type H makes this possible. Is based on the rather boring Citroën jumper.

The sheet metal, the front cover: All

The replica is slightly longer than the original 4.28 metres long with approximately five meters, but there also were extended wheelbase versions. And aesthetically, the new car is convincing: the characteristic elements, such as the corrugated sheets, the front cover oriented to the front and the two round headlights were taken over. The kit is offered in different versions, including a minivan, an all cyclists, a tow truck, a camper vehicle and a food truck.

Only 70 pieces

Only 70 kits manufactured by FC Automobili. The conversion is carried out in Italy and by hand. With its modern substructure on the basis of the jumper, the car should have no difficulty to keep up with today's traffic. The offered two-liter diesel engines have between 110 and 160 HP. However, the historical type H with self detonators between 51 and 56 HP had to cope. Yet the city consumption (by FC Automobili) between 12 and 16 litres per 100 kilometres. And of the emission standards of the current BlueHDI Motors Citroen car was also miles away from. (sl)