Sleek yacht with Lexus-power

Cologne, 13 January 2017

Lexus, the luxury brand car manufacturer Toyota goes astray. The Japanese showed now a yacht to jets with two Lexus engines across the seven seas. Also optics and equipment are typical Lexus at a high level. However, there is a catch.

880 HP V8 power

The yacht is a concept study that Lexus has built along with various marine specialists and will probably never be in series. On the 12.8-metre boat, eight find total passengers. Thanks to a hull made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic the Lexus yacht should be easier about 1,000 kilograms as a similar copy from glass fibre-reinforced plastics. The two 440 HP strong Lexus V8 engines have so easy with the ship and speed up the trial to a speed of 43 knots, or approximately 80 km/h. In the base, the units come from the top models of the Lexus F automobiles IS-F and GS-F. A bow thruster Joystick helps when "Parking" in narrow ports.

Luxury below deck

Quite the temperament of a Lexus car according to even the luxury on Board of the vessel not neglected. Wood, leather and glass can be found in the front cabin. Below, you can stand upright or settle down on one of six sofa seats. Air conditioning and the integrated on-board kitchen provide for the well-being of the passengers. Who would like to get rid of the annoying salt after a long swim in the sea, can do it in a built-in shower in the forecastle. For a good entertainment offer various TV, music system and a Wi-Fi hotspot is available. (mf)