Skoda Fabia Combi as Scoutline

Skoda dipping the Fabia Combi in the tub with Scout finery and presents the end result today as the Fabia Combi Scoutline.

With his Scout-line performs Skoda heightened versions of models that, according to the Czechs more employable outside the beaten paths. For those that are 'off-road abilities' something too much of the good, but are very like to the external trappings, desire, Skoda the Scoutline-line figured out. Now is the Fabia Combi as Scoutline is presented.

The Fabia Scoutline is not incremented, but is equipped with sturdy-looking outer decoration. So is the car all around with matt black and silver plastic details, also on the wheel arches, we come to the cross ornaments. Skoda speaks further of ziverkleurige zijspiegelkappen, silver roof rails and a rear bumper in which a more pronounced diffuser is made. According to Skoda the Scoutline in a select number of European markets available. We are awaiting a response from Skoda in the Netherlands or from the Netherlands with these.