Skoda Enyaq RS goes to 100 km/h one second faster after the update

And it also gets a little more range

Skoda has presented an upgraded version of the upgraded version of the Enyaq. What was already the fastest accelerating Skoda ever, still is today. The Skoda Enyaq RS now reaches highway speed 1 second faster: the 0-100 time is now 5.5 seconds. Speeds of an old M3 in a family SUV, that's quite okay.

In the Netherlands you can only get the Coupé version of this Enyaq RS, and in Belgium you can get both body styles. Skoda says the second speed gain has been found in recalibrating the two electric motors – one per axle. The power has increased by 41 hp to 340 hp. This means that the Enyaq RS retains its title as the most powerful production Skoda ever.

Also more range for the faster Enyaq

Skoda has not only made the Enyaq RS faster and stronger. Charging times and range have also been improved. In the coupe version you can now travel 547 kilometers, the SUV goes up to 540 kilometers. The battery is still 77 kWh, but charging is now done with 175 kW instead of 135 kW. That is why charging from 10 to 80 percent with a fast charger can now take 28 minutes instead of 36 minutes.

Some other adjustments to the Enyaq can be found in the interior. There are more driving assistants, more USB-C ports, more, er, rear sun blinds. The infotainment has apparently also been addressed. Skoda promises that the screens are easier to operate. There are also some new graphics and animations for the board display.

Prices of the Skoda Enyaq RS

From October you can order the Skda Enyaq RS Coupé in the Netherlands. You pay 63,690 euros for the fastest Skoda. In Belgium, where you can buy both sizes, the SUV costs 68,420 euros and the coupe 71,360 euros. For comparison: the cheapest Enyaq costs 44,990 euros in the Netherlands and 49,495 euros in Belgium.