Singer DLS: Porsche 911 with Mega-lightweight

Los Angeles (USA), 15. November 2017

Among Porsche enthusiasts, with the tags of the Singer have long had an excellent reputation. The US company is limited to the 964 series of Porsche 911, which ran between 1989 and 1994 from the Band. Here's the Elfer wore the last time the classic Design of 1963. But Singer is not satisfied, the vehicles on the optics of the past decades to rebuild. In addition, the inner life and the technology from the ground up and optimized. The most recent addition is a 27-year-old Porsche 911, the mutated to the "DLS".

Support of Williams

The acronym DLS stands for "Dynamics and light-weighting Study", as a customer, Scott Blattner has a lightweight 911. Some of the other companies would not now remove the vehicle just a radical, but a Singer. Here they brought in big names to Boot, such as Williams Advanced Engineering, a racing driver Marino Franchitti, Top Gear presenter, Chris Harris, and last but not least, the Porsche icons of Hans Mezger and Norbert Singer.

Over 500 HP in the rear

Norbert Singer (not related to the company) transformed once the Porsche 911 to a successful race car 935, Hans Mezger was head of the Motorsport Department and designed the engine of the first 911 from 1963. In coordination with Mezger air-cooled six-cylinder naturally aspirated boxer engine with four liters of displacement, 506 HP and a Redline until 9,000 tours was born at Williams Advanced Engineering. Is mounted in a dark green lacquered (Singer calls it "absinthe") vehicle with an interior in the colour "blood orange".

Extreme Light Weight

But that's not enough: Norbert Singer helped Williams to improve the aerodynamics, also it has improved the suspension. Through the use of Magnesium, titanium and carbon fiber, the weight of the particular Porsche 911 drops to 990 kilograms. The brakes are Brembo in the case of controls, with the addition of BBS wheels in 18-inch Format with tires of the variety "Pilot Sport Cup 2" Michelin.

For everyone

To keep the cost of the tag Singer covered, the amount depends according to the company, the specific Wishes of the customer. Lightweight construction was the dominant theme at the Singer, but the interpretation is variable: Wild dynamics, comfort for longer trips – or something in between.(rh)