Shell is cooperating with Paypal, Pay at the pump

Pay at the pump

Since the 13th century. July 2017 can pay customers for the first time on Shell petrol stations in Hamburg and Berlin, their fuel directly at the pump with your Smartphone. This Shell is cooperating with the payment service provider Paypal. The Germany-wide roll-out of Smart Pay at a Shell station network is planned for the fourth quarter of 2017.

The new offer is aimed primarily at those customers who are in a hurry or your car does not want to leave or can (Emre Turanli) the marketing Manager of the Shell petrol stations business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Through the combination of Shell Smart Pay, and the attendant Service, the customers no longer need to leave their vehicles in the future. The free tank maintenance Service, including the refuelling and Cleaning of the front wheels belongs, Shell, in the meantime, at approximately 500 stations nationwide.

Possible to Pay by Smartphone through the new Option Smart Pay in the Shell App (formerly Shell Motorist App). The customer has downloaded the App and linked to his Paypal account, he drives at the Shell petrol station in front of the desired gas pump, opens the App and chooses the Option of Smart Pay. After the identification by the security PIN or the fingerprint he chooses "Now Refueling". The App is localized by means of GPS, which is the Shell Station the customer is located. After entering the pump number, and confirmation of the maximum tank amount as well as the column number, the customer will receive the release for the gas. He can now get out of the car and refueling or the gas station attendant. After completion of the refuelling process, the customer automatically receives his billing in the App, and an E-Mail with the tax-relevant document. In the blink of an eye, the customer can continue his journey. (ampnet/Sm)