Sharper Mercedes - AMG GT comes

Nürburg, July 8, 2015

Recently there was a short teaser video from the Hockenheimring, now a new Erlkönig comes around the corner. Is this taped Spoiler Monster of new Mercedes - AMG Black Series GT? At the Nürburgring, an advanced prototype is now surfaced, which indicates more clearly than before on an extreme version of the AMG sports car. The front carries larger air intakes, a more extreme lip and lateral fins, as we know all too well from previous Black Series models. We may even see the huge grille of the GT3 race car. The rear end is also changed significantly with a lush, fixed rear spoiler, a much larger diffuser and a centrally positioned, oval tailpipe. In addition, the car sits a lot closer to the ground, seems a bit wider and seem to accommodate a larger ceramic brakes with golden saddles.

Lighter and stronger

One possible Mercedes - AMG Black Series GT should therefore still racetrack-oriented therefore come to compete with the Porsche 911 GT3, Aston Martin Vantage GT12, Corvette Z06 or Nissan GT - R Nismo. Expect. In any case, more power, around 50 to 100 kilos less weight and a radical-tuned suspension The easiest way is likely thereby increasing the engine power to go on the stage, finally to the new 4.0 - liter twin-turbo V8 shake the current peak power of 510 hp AMG GT S relatively loosely from the sleeve. 550 PS to 600 PS should therefore already entitled to expect.

He is not called GT3

In addition, there should be adjustments to the wheels and possibly also on the seven-speed dual clutch transmission. Mercedes - AMG boss Tobias Moers said in an interview with British journalists that a race track focused version of the GT would file off about ten seconds from the Nordschleife time of AMG GT S. This is at 7:30 minutes. The production version of the inflated Mercedes-AMG GT should appear in the course of 2016. Although many indications, one can not yet say whether it is really a Black Series at the present time. " GT3 " the car is not hot. Moers explained already that the name GT3 " the other company is " . ( sw )