Sharp XE: The Arden AJ 24

Krefeld, 6. October 2017

Currently Jaguar in the Segment of Premium mid-class-sedans, the XE in the program. Can you improve on such a product? Some of the Tuning companies responsible for these opinions – including Arden Automobilbau. The technicians and designers of the company have now unveiled their latest creation, the Arden AJ 24 on the Basis of the Jaguar XE.

Two packages for optics

For the exterior, the Tuner offers various customisation packages. Package 1 consists of a 30-mm lowered suspension, wheel spacers of 15 mm per wheel, 19-inch rims and a sports muffler. Point costs? Of 4,867 Euro. In the case of package 2, the complete rear muffler will be replaced, but you only get new Bezels for the exhaust system. Therefore, the price drops to 3.439 euros. And if you have a Tuningfan with a penchant for nostalgia, offering Arden the jumping Jaguar hood ornament for the XE. For 392 Euros.

Performance increases up to 422 HP

The sportier appearance also fits to the technical data, there are numerous options to increase performance. For the entire petrol and Diesel engines-a Portfolio of the XE-series. You have to drive a XE 20 d with 180 HP strong four-cylinder Diesel? For 1.654 Euro 215 HP by reprogramming the production ECU. The XE S with a 380 horsepower from a 3.0-litre V6 supercharged petrol engine to elicit the Arden-technicians in this way, up to 422 HP (2.249 Euro). An Active sound system can also be ordered. It is installed (for 1.690 euros) can be accessed by remote control for different sound profiles from V6 to V8.

The interior: not, there Is not

In the interior of the AJ 24 Arden fitted a leather flat-bottom steering-Alcantara sports steering wheel with red 12-o'clock marking (990 Euro), aluminum pedals (464 Euro), as well as floor mats with the company name as a logo (464 Euro). Is too little individualism? At the request of and against the appropriate small money Arden installed but also more nappa leather, Carbon or even root woods. Yes, Root Woods. Finally, it must also give appropriate interior applications for all hood ornament-nostalgic among you.(ml)