Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll in Bentley

Goodwood ( UK ), July 13, 2015

There were the " Swinging Sixties ", as already every member of the fledgling rock band called the Rolling Stones had their own car. Founding member and lead guitarist Keith Richards called at this time a Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur nicknamed " Blue Lena " his own. Now to " Blue Lena " ?? named after the jazz legend Lena Horne ?? will be auctioned off. The winner of the auction expected a historic automobile with a very special special equipment.

A secret special equipment

Richards bought the Bentley in 1965 at London's luxury car dealer HR Owen. The stately Briton was powered by a 6.2-liter V8. Factory he was already equipped brilliant, but still let Richards expand the car to an optional extra. It was a secret compartment where he and the rest of the band were able to transport their highly illegal narcotics.

Keith Richards about the car

In his biography " Life " from 2010 Richards wrote about this car: " It was a car, with which you had to be quick on the road at night my dark blue Bentley, my S3 Continental Flying Spur ?? a built just 87 copies. . alone to possess such a car, headed inevitably to anger. It was a rebellion against social rules, if I for which I was obviously not born a car drove. " Blue Lena " has accompanied us on many of our LSD trips. " As the most famous of these trips is considered a drug trip of the band members to Marrakech. Also on board was among other Richards later wife Anita Pallenberg.

Auction at Goodwood

1978 sold Richards ' Blue Lena ". Since the car moved three times the owner. This was followed by a five-year-long restoration. On September 12, 2015, the historic car will be auctioned off during the Goodwood Revivals of Bonhams. As a selling price of the organizer expects a total between 556,000 and 835,000 euros converted . (ml)