Self-propelled and with drone in the rear

Hair, December 16, 2015

At CES 2016 in Las Vegas ( January 6 to 9 ) not only vehicles of BMW or VW will stand, also the Swiss entrepreneur Frank M. Rinderknecht will showcase the latest product of his idea Rinspeed there. The " Etos " to give an outlook on self-propelled cars and other technologies of the future.

Etos on i8 base

The " Etos " was designed by the Swiss company 4erC and implemented by the Swiss company Esoro. Based on a BMW i8 the car features a new front structure made ​​of carbon and a glass roof of Gorilla Glass, as it used is also used in smartphone displays. The " Etos " stands on black 20-inch wheels of Borbet.

Foldable steering wheel and autonomous driving

The highlight of the " Etos " can be found in the interior. As a study on self-propelled cars " Etos " is in fact equipped with a foldable and retractable steering wheel, which disappears in a few seconds in the instrument panel. An infotainment system with centimeter accuracy scanned streets ensures that the vehicle even finds its way when the driver prefers reading a book, than expose themselves to the traffic. In addition to the steering wheel there are two vaulted 21.5-inch Ultra HD widescreen monitors, on the system by voice, gesture or touch control and keystroke can be controlled. Eight exterior cameras capture the environment at an angle of 180 degrees and adjust the mirrors are without any blind spots. A so-called " Curbview " function granted when parking an unobstructed view to the front wheels to prevent curb damage.

Drone in the rear

As a special toy traveling on the glass roof with 12,000 LEDs on the rear of the car a drone of DJI with that pick, for example, an online ordered flowers on the way home from the store and bring to the car. In addition, the drone " Selfies " driving can shoot and transferred directly to the Internet. Here the flat antennas help in the glass roof of the " Etos " . ( mf )