`S Superleggera or Superveloce?

Hair, May 7, 2015

Sometimes it is worth a second, closer look to realize that something is different: Our Erlkönig photographers is now at first quite normal Lamborghini LP 610-4 Huracán driven front of the lens. But appearances are deceiving, because it could be in the vehicle is a successor to the acclaimed Gallardo Superleggera.

The bone of contention

Bone of contention for this consideration is the tail of Huracán. Behind a cover there are two well-hidden tailpipes that were located further up and to the rear center. Nevertheless, the vehicle is still the standard four-pipe system has built into the rear bumper. However, we touch here on dummy tailpipes.

GT3 and Super Trofeo genes for the road?

The positions of the tailpipes in a Huracán get us suspiciously familiar: Even with the GT3 race version or the LP 620-2 Super Trofeo the exhaust system has been modified so that tubes end in the center of the stern. Plant Lamborghini a stricter version of the road series Huracán with an increase in output, tougher chassis and transmission, more direct steering and a weight reduction?

Superveloce or Superleggera?

Why not? Just recently launched a hardcore version of the Aventador to market the Italian sports car manufacturer of the VW group. The difference between the two vehicles could however be the name. During the Aventador was the high-end - road models reserved Superveloce emblem, it is likely that the Huracán is provided with the underlying predicate are rooted Superleggera.

Competitive pressure from Maranello and Woking

Absurd the idea is by no means: On the one ?? and here we are again with the Gallardo Superleggera - reminiscence from the beginning ?? could serve as histories Superleggera successor a Huracán, on the other hand the manufacturer urgently needs competitive models against the new products from Maranello ( Ferrari 488 GTB ) and Woking ( McLaren 675LT ). Whether the Lamborghini but already can reach the market this year, is not yet known. We expect more in 2016 with a sportier Huracán Superleggera . (ml)