Rüsselsheimer rally rocket

Rüsselsheim, July 23, 2014

In 1974, Walter Röhrl was European Rally Champion for the first time in an Opel Ascona. 1982 gave it even to the world title for Opel against the then seemingly unbeatable Audi quattro. However, 1989 ended the commitment of Rüsselsheim in rallying. That is now 25 years old. For silver jubilee Opel Motorsport returned to the Adam R2 back on narrow mountain roads, forest and meadow paths.

FIA regulations

Beginning of 2014 the small sports car from Russelsheim of the FIA ​​(Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile ) has been removed technically for the R2 rally class. This class of vehicle designates cars that weigh at least 1,030 pounds and have two-wheel drive. In addition, the motors must not be charged and have a maximum displacement of two liters. These criteria are met the rally dwarf and so was the 190-horsepower Adam go to the national races of Germany, Spain, Austria and France at the start. Here, the young Opel proved so far to be a very successful on the track. After 15 races of Adam may already recorded twelve wins in his class. For all statisticians: This is a significant victory rate of 80 percent.

Praise for 190 hp

" The Adam R2 was our high expectations to date good fit," says Opel Motorsport Director Joerg scrap. "The car is fast and reliable. , Our teams praise the driving behavior and how well it responds to changes in the voting. 's Strong performance, which shows our Adam R2, has already attracted the interest of numerous customer teams from other European countries. "

Youth development with flash

Even if you could maximum abgewinnen a tired smile at the output of 190 hp an old-timer like Walter Röhrl? those responsible and with them the rally Juniors are pleased with the successful R2 car. So Marijan Griebel and Alexander Rath and Fabian Kreim and Josephine C. 2014 Beinke could finish all previous rounds of the ADAC Rallye Masters to the foremost ranks. This can start the next stage of funding ADAC and Opel Opel plant for the young pilots. That objective has already put the medium term, it is a young German drivers create on the European rally summit? after 25 years of abstinence, of course, in an Opel . (ml )