Rough world term in Germany

Friedrichshafen, 23 March 2017

"RWB goes TWB": this motto stands Tuningworld Bodensee (28 April-1 May) in 2017. A special highlight is the Japanese star tuner Akira Nakai to the fair in Friedrichshafen. In his luggage: A Porsche 993 and very very wide fenders.

Nakai-San is transforming a 993

The hype surrounding extreme vehicle extension does not break down. Walk alongside companies such as liberty or Rocketbunny provides in particular a man repeatedly for headlines in the tuning scene: Akira Nakai, the brains behind rough world term. On the this year's world on Lake Constance, the Japanese is a Porsche 993 C4 for the TV presenter and tuning fan Sydney Hoffmann building.

Sydney Hoffmann is a fan

Hoffmann serves as RWB Ambassador in Germany and can already be a further 993 RWB redevelopment own call. "The special is that it is RWB a global trend of tuning, in which not everyone can just participate," explains the HP Professional. And he's right: only when Nakai-San is his nickname in the scene from the project convinced he prepared the parts, sent them by air freight from Japan to the world and makes the conversion then himself alone and in manual work. "How he does this within three days, you have to see just", enthuses Sydney Hoffmann. Who wants to take a picture of the magic hands of Nakai-San himself, can do it every day from 10 to 18 h on the Tuningworld Bodensee. Admission costs 14 euros, reduced and in advance 12 euro. Parking is free of charge. (mf)