Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII the architecture of The luxury

The architecture of this luxury

Nothing Less than the best car in the world Sir Henry Royce had in mind when he introduced in 1925, the first Rolls-Royce Phantom-a model of him and his Partner, Charles Rolls founded automobile manufacturer. Exactly 92 years later, it is the same claim, with the Rolls-Royce motor Cars, the eighth Generation of its top product presents. Tonight we experienced in London for its world premiere.

As always, if the luxury brand is showing to the Public a new product, it involves more than the Assembly of high-technology, highest comfort and fine craftsmanship. In the current case, the manufacturer provides the vehicle with a deeper meaning charged, which are subsumed in the term "the architecture of luxury". Unlike mass manufacturers, which develop to reduce costs of common platforms for different models, location numbers, the future of true Luxuriousness in small quantities and individual production.

This realization was a Moment of clarity about the provision of Rolls-Royce (Chief Executive, Torsten Müller-Ötvös) . "The architecture of the luxury," adds head of development Philip Koehn, will also be the defining Element of the future Rolls-Royce creations, not only for the SUV project, Cullinan, but also the successor models of the Ghost, Wraith and Dawn "will be driving on this architecture".

The Central material of this architecture is aluminum. Overall, the body structure is not only lighter, but also 30 percent stiffer than the space - frame construction of its predecessor. Core of the drive is a 6,75-litre V12 engine that produces 420 kW / 571 HP. The ZF Eight-speed gearbox has the task, a maximum of 900 Newton meters of torque for the rear axle to portio, the proverbial effort remains loose acceleration with the friction coefficient of the road surface in accordance. "Anticipatory Driving" to ensure that the two cameras are aligned on the front of the Rolls-Royce Phantom lying in the roadway, and data for the appropriate suspension settings deliver.

© Rolls-Royce rolls-Royce Phantom VIII. In order to allow the occupants more peace, there are 6-mm-double-glazing all around, in addition to around 130 kilograms of insulation and insulation were installed material. That is a complete Arsenal of Warning and assistance systems on Board, shall be provided for amenities, such as a Head-up Display, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and a navigation system of the latest Generation, the same applies.

© Rolls-Royce rolls-Royce Phantom VIII. In the design of the new dashboard is a artistic approach, left-Hand, says design Director Gilles Taylor. Art, their collection and care, is an important aspect of the lifestyle of many customers, which is why the should be in your automobile to reflect, here is the brand's philosophy. (ampnet/afb)