Rolls-Royce has found another reason for a special Black Badge Ghost

A special car, based on a special car

Could Rolls-Royce have been inspired by an old cabaret show by Theo Maassen? If so, we can prepare for the RR 'Chipolata pudding' and the Black Badge 'Allumuminium'. Wondering what Top Gear has been smoking again? Search for 'Theo Maassen Eindhoven' on YouTube and don't be shocked by the quality of the image and sound. If you stay here, we welcome you to the special Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost √Čkleipsis, or the Ghost 'Solar Eclipse'.

Rolls-Royce is building 25 of the special version. If you want one, you're out of luck, because all copies have already been sold. The luxury brand does not reveal what the 25 lucky people paid for the Black Badge. In any case, Rolls never goes too deeply into essential details of a car, such as the engine or performance.

The special starry sky in the special Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge

No, Rolls-Royce prefers to talk about the Starlight Headliner, or in Dutch: the star ceiling. When the doors of the special Ghost close and the engine is started, a light show begins in the roof. 1,846 'stars' imitate the image you see during a solar eclipse. In total, the animation lasts seven minutes and 31 seconds. Just long enough for your driver to take you from the golf course to your villa.

The driver can read the time from a special clock in the front. A 0.5-carat diamond is incorporated into the ring of the timepiece. This is another reference to the solar eclipse. By the way, that orange color that you encounter in the interior can also be incorporated into the umbrellas hidden in the door. Could this be the definition of 'having so much money that you don't know what to do with it anymore'?