Rolls Royce Cullinan: First images

Goodwood (UK), December 1, 2016

What value have traditions in the automotive industry? The question facing those producers who have brought out an SUV recently for the first time: Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and Bentley are the most prominent examples. With views of the posh Bentley Bentayga, soon also Rolls-Royce throws his hat in the ring. More specifically the "project Cullinan", an extremely large and luxury SUV,.

Shortly before the final form

Whether the car is called indeed for a diamonds "Cullinan", is still open. But now Rolls-Royce shows first images of prototypes near-series. So far, the technique in a so-called "Mule" was tried, which was similar to the phantom. 2017, it is for the correct Cullinan to the cold environmental trials in the Arctic Circle, later heat test in the Middle East. Also the most potent clientele should sit there, in Dubai and co..

Less weight due to aluminium

2018 starts series production of the Cullinan, at the same time puts corporate parent BMW 7 on the market the smaller X. Small is but relative, because both vehicles significantly exceed the five metre mark. Regarding the technology, Rolls-Royce speaks of a new chassis with all-wheel drive and a new aluminum architecture, the gradually get all models of the brand. (rh)