Rolls-Royce celebrates music legends

Goodwood (England), 30 March 2017

The British car manufacturer Rolls-Royce celebrates the history of British rock and pop music with a limited small series of the model of Wraith. Nine vehicles are refined in collaboration with important British artists for special one-offs. The cars bear the name "inspired by British music"

Prominent sponsor for nine Wraith

For the design of the Wraith models Rolls Royce won among others Roger Daltrey of "The who", Sir Ray Davies of "The Kinks" or bond singer Shirley Bassey. Each of the nine vehicles to clarify the individual careers of artists Godfather. So, for example, the cover of "the who" adorns a Wraith album "Thommy's", in another car, the title of number one songs of "The Kinks" are stitched into the seats. The bespoke Department of Rolls-Royce, which realized otherwise special customer wishes is responsible for the implementation of the artists ideas.

Prices for a good cause

Already, four of the nine vehicles were unveiled in London, including the Wraith by Roger Daltrey and Sir Ray Davies. The musicians were invited to the ideas in the Rolls Royce Headquarters after Goodwood, where she designed their personal vehicle together with the bespoke Department. Now, the cars still in the course of the year 2017 for a good cause should be auctioned. A portion of the proceeds goes for example to the children's cancer aid "teenage cancer trust", for which "The Who" frontman Daltrey engaged. (mf)