Return to the UK

London (United Kingdom), 17. July 2017

John Lennon should have been as a child dreamed to be an eccentric millionaire. And 3. June 1965, he followed his long-cherished desire, as he took a black Rolls-Royce Phantom V in reception.

Individualization in the ' 60s

However, the Phantom V was the former Beatles Star is still striking enough. For this reason, Lennon had his Rolls to customize – just like football professionals bring their boxes today, for example, to Mansory and co. The musicians had the rear seats to a bed to fold down. A TV, a telephone and a refrigerator should also be on Board. In addition, a "floating" record player, and a unique sound system were installed with outdoor speakers.

Flowers, romance and zodiac symbols

When, in April 1967, the recording of the album "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" was finished, asked Lennon for the English coach Builder JP Fallon, if this could not miss the Phantom is a new paint job. The Lennon selected color scheme is today often referred to as psychedelic. On closer Inspection, however, is not clear that it is random swirls, but a floral, romantic Design with zodiac symbols on the roof.

1969 to today

The car was up to 1969 on a regular basis. As Lennon in 1970 moved to the United States, he took the Phantom V. Here he was awarded regularly to rock greats like the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and The Moody Blues. After its temporary closure, the vehicle was donated in 1977 to the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, Canada. There it stood until today.

An exhibition calls

But now the colorful Rolls-Royce returns to his home. The occasion of the exhibition "The Great Eight Phantoms", from 29. July to 2. August 2017 takes place at the auction house Bonhams in New Bond Street, London.(ml)