Renault Zoe with racing technology

Geneva, 8 March 2017

In addition to the beautiful alpine A110, Renault has a second hot iron in the fire for fans of sports cars at the Geneva Auto Show 2017 (March 9-19). Zoe e-sport concept bridges the gap between the conservative everyday Stromer to the exciting electric motor sports racing cars.

No ordinary Zoe

First of all: Are common with a normal Renault Zoe purely optical nature. A tubular chassis, which was reinforced with Kevlar elements located under the bodywork completely made of carbon fiber. Overall, it creates the concept to weigh about 1,400 kilograms including the 450 kilogram batteries. The blue-and yellow color scheme is inspired by the Renault formula E Renner. The backlit diamond stands out particularly. Output provide a spoiler lip at the front, a flat underbody, a diffuser and a big carbon wing.

460 Horsepower and 640 NM

The study is powered by two electric motors that come directly from the formula E. Together, the engines provide 460 HP and have 640-Newton-meter of torque. It is thanks to all-wheel drive to 100 in 3.2 seconds. The batteries have a capacity of each 40 kWh. Zoe e-sports rolls on 20-inch motor sport wheels with central locking and these slicks. A suspension with double triangular wishbones and Öhlins dampers ensures the perfect contact with the ground.

Interior with racing atmosphere

In the Interior it is very sporty. Recaro full bucket seats with harness straps keep the passengers in fast corners at their places. It is directed through a rectangular steering wheel formula-style. But the study also is so cool, a serial production seems unfortunately excluded. Time to look at the concept in Geneva. (mf)