Renault Symbioz

Frankfurt, 13. September 2017

Renault presented on the IAA (14. - 24. September 2017), the Symbioz. Like most of the series distant ILO studies also this vehicle drives autonomously, electrically, and connected through the area. However, Renault has also thought of as a symbiosis between the car and the "Smart Home" might operate in the year 2030.

"Smart Grid" combines Auto and home

The Symbioz is powered by two electric motors on the rear axle, the power comes from batteries in the vehicle floor. To Charge a "Smart Grid" that combines car and home with each other. So it can be used in times of high energy demand, the energy of the vehicle's battery for electrical consumers in the house. In the case of a power failure, this happens automatically.

The car as an extra room

Otherwise, the car and the house complement each other. The Symbioz can serve the residents as an additional room. Travel is the car, apparently, much of a living room. In the Autonomous mode, the dashboard, the seats are rotatable. Then you can relax the occupants, the time for conversation, for reading or for employment with their Smartphones or Tablets. Since the user will be automatically detected, seats and entertainment system is set to automatically fit.

Test vehicle should still be 2017 available

An electric, Autonomous and connected driving the Demo vehicle, a lot of ideas from the Symbioz a reality, is supposed to be 2017 for the Tests. This car is visions of the medium-term future of Renault in 2023 to reflect.(sl)