Renault presents EZ\-at the End of

Renault sets during the Paris motor show this EZ-at the End of the world for, a car that the triptych of autonomous visions of the future completes.

The Geneva motor Show was the stage on which Renault, in march of this year, the EZ-Go presented a study model with which the brand showed how the autonomous urban transport of the future saw. The EZ-Go got a short while ago company of the EZ-Pro, a vision for the future of autonomous transport of goods in and around the city. The EZ-duo is today complemented by the EZ-at the End, a car that Renault describes as "a premium mobility that everyone the pleasure of an exceptional and unique experience". An electric and autonomous deelauto so, but one that is at a higher level, operates over the above mentioned EZ-Go. Previously, the EZ-at the End of already on the street spotted!

The EZ-End shares its platform with the EZ-Go and is just as modest-prepared submission fully electric, fully autonomous (level 4) and 'connected'. Renault sees the EZ-End as a car that by companies such as five star hotels and airlines may be offered. The car would be, for example, you at home can pick up to and from the airport can bring as part of the trip. Also would the car be suitable to be used by digital taxi services.

The two colors sprayed EZ-End is 1,35 high, 2.2 meters wide and up to 5.8 metres long and has, according to Renault MPV-carriage. In the interior materials such as wood, leather and even marble applied. The interior breathes fully the atmosphere of pre-war cars. The concept car has a wheelbase of 3,88 m and opens automatically when the user's car approaches. The top glass part of the car folds in a special way open. A B-pillar is missing, the entry-level facilitate. The passengers are welcomed by a luminous flat on the floor.

Renault assembles the battery pack in the bottom, the batteries that supply power to the non-defined electric motor driving the front wheels of the driving. 4Control-four-wheel steering is available. The majority of the cameras and sensors for Renault in the car has been processed, will get a place in the corners of the car, all is a part of the sensors in different spots eliminated. The total weight of the car is 1,800 lbs. Is the car ready for production? Of course not, but Renault with its EZ-triplets in each case, indicate clearly how the future looks.