Quiet rest

Lorch, 24 may 2017

Subtly, quietly, discreetly: These attributes come spontaneously for the work of funeral service. Consistent with the highly unusual vehicle modification, BINZ company well known in this industry has done. At the funeral trade fair "Forum Befa" in Hamburg presented an electric funeral car Tesla-based now.

Neatly placed to

The basis for the vehicle that is commonly called a "Hearse" is the Tesla model S. The wheelbase grows to 84 centimeters at 3.80 meters, matching, there is a Längenplus in the same measure on 5,82 meters. For the coffin to be transferred have air upwards (for flower arrangements or wreaths), the height is 1.72 metres, a surcharge of 28 centimetres after the conversion.

Clean about the cemetery

BINZ specifies, so the official name of the special Tesla an electric range of 350 kilometres for the "Binz.E". This can vary depending on the selected base, due to the extra weight after remodeling the mega reaches of the normal model S should be but unavailable. But that is not necessary in most cases anyway, because the most frequent trips from the place of the funeral to the cemetery are rather short. There the Binz.E can play its trump cards: neither noise nor exhaust gases disrupt the funeral March. Price BINZ does not react yet, given the good model S is 93.500 euro for the best Tesla a six-figure sum but as well as safe. (rh)