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Geneva, 7 March 2017

Already on the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Audi showed a study with the name Q8. A refined version of the study is now at the Geneva car show 2017 (March 9-19). We have the info on the upcoming upper-class SUV.

476 HP and 700 nm

From the outside, the Q8 acts somewhat stylish as current Audi models, the unavoidable single-frame grille and sharp edges the SUV shares but with his series brothers. The actual world news is under the hood of the five-metre-long missile: a three-liter TFSI engine with electrically powered compressors and mild hybrid technology. The Unit manages a system performance of 476 HP and 700 nm of torque. Thanks to permanent four-wheel drive, it is 4.7 seconds from standstill to 100. The range of the hybrid vehicle should be with a 85 liter tank at over 1,200 km. The small electric motor also allows that manoeuvring, parking or a ride in the stop-and-go traffic is purely electrically possible.

Air suspension and ceramic brake

Air suspension with controlled damping, the amount of which can be adjusted in five steps with a difference of up to 90 millimetres promises extra comfort. The huge wheels in the format 23 x 11 inches, which themselves cover a lightweight ceramic brake are also striking. The SUV should have good brakes, finally is sports car-like 275 km/h top speed.

Interior and technical details

Inside the Audi opts for touch panel and saves so almost all knobs, buttons, switches or levers. Highlight is a head-up display, which projects information via augmented reality in the field of vision of the driver. Four persons and 630 litres luggage found in Q8 place. We expect an early presentation of the series vehicle. (mf)