Prototype of The Jeep Yuntu caught:

Hair, 5. October 2017

For car buyers in China, it may not always be quiet a bit more. Full-Size SUVs are in the middle Kingdom fully in the Trend. Jeep wants to win this according to the size of hungry buyers. Therefore, the manufacturer showed at the beginning of the year 2017 at the Shanghai auto show, the vehicle study Yuntu Hybrid, a seven-seater Plug-in Hybrid SUV. Now our spy photographer has driven the production version as a prototype in front of the lens. In the United States.

Enormous dimensions, and well-known style elements

But because of the strong Tarnma├čnahmen by Jeep is still not very much to the final appearance to say. The dimensions of the fair study seems to accept the standard model, but without major changes. And also typical Jeep design elements can already be seen: the trapezoidal wheel arches and distinctive radiator grille, for example.

How will look the interior?

What didn't make it apparently (but understandable) in the series? The rear-hinged doors. The door handles seem to be to the prototype by the camouflage. And these are all arranged in a classic. For this reason, we do not give much hope that Jeep does, in fact, the single-seat interior. And also the number of Displays (in the study, there were three in the Cockpit and two each on the backs of the seats) is likely to change.

Drive? We look in the direction of the Chrysler ...

To the drive there are up on the reference to a Plug-in Hybrid can't get any information. As a Basis, however, the same newly developed platform of the FCA should serve the group, to which also the Chrysler Pacifica is built. The successor-Van the Voyager is in the United States in March 2016 on the market and it will be offered in November 2016 in a Plug-in Hybrid Version. The technical data of the actuator: A 3.6-Liter V6 gasoline engine assisted by an electric motor. The performance of the system is 251 HP, the system torque of 312 Newton meters. The pure electric range is about 50 kilometres.

China? Yes. USA? Maybe. Europe? No.

From 2019, the Jeep Yuntu will come in China on the market. Whether the large SUV will later find its way to the US dealers of the brand, remains to be seen. A market introduction in Europe, we exclude, at least for the time being.(ml)