Princely Lambo-Unique

Monte Carlo, 15. May 2018

You know the Lamborghini Marzal? Or you've seen him live once? If not, does nothing. The futuristic prototype from the year 1967, was always shy about public. But now there was the opportunity for a closer look: In the framework of the "Grand Prix de Monaco Historique" for old formula 1 cars Prince Albert drove himself and his nephew, Andrea Casiraghi in the Marzal by Monaco.

Eye-catcher over 50 years ago

In order for Albert to follow in the footsteps of his father, Rainier. In 1967, Lamborghini had brought the Marzal on the occasion of the formula 1 race in Monaco. The flat prototype, stunned by Marcello Gandini for Bertone-designed transparent passenger cell. Through fully glazed doors, we looked at seats with silver leather. In the rear, a specially developed two litre in-line six-cylinder engine with 175 HP of power. Hardly had Prince Rainier spotted the Marzal in his Kingdom, he decided to take the car with his wife, Gracia Patricia as a passenger on a lap of honour.

The model for the Espada

After a long stay in the Bertone Museum of the Marzal was sold at auction in may 2011 for approximately 1.5 million Euro. From the Marzal in 1968, the legendary Lamborghini Espada. The four-seater GT with 325 HP strong V12 was built until 1978, exactly 1.217 times and rolled a toy car through a lot of the nursery. An original Espada was now also in Monaco, one of the party: The chassis no. 9090, restored, in ten months of work by the in-house Lamborghini-classical music Department "Polo Storico".(rh)