Presidential Institutional Peugeot

Paris (France), 14. July 2017

Could you imagine Angela Merkel in a Hyundai? Hardly. In the case of heads of state, it is good form to put on the car brands of their own country (if available). Also Merkel's new best friend, the newly minted French President Emmanuel Macron, following this unwritten law.

Peugeot instead of DS

To the Parade on 14. In July, the French national holiday, drove Macron in the Peugeot 5008. Thus, the predilection of the President for products from the PSA group is continuing. For the inauguration two months ago, Macron from a DS 7 cross back out presented itself to the people. This was painted dark blue and had a folding roof. Thus, Macron was allowed to travel far before the official Premiere of the DS 7 in the posh SUV.

Macron like SUVs

A little more conventional than the specially crafted DS 7, the Peugeot 5008. It shows that the Macron seems to have a penchant for SUVs. His predecessor in office, Francois Hollande, put 2012 to DS 5.(rh)