Practical GT86 version

Cologne, may 6, 2016

A hybrid and eco brand and manufacturer of reasonable, but little emotional vehicles Toyota provided little enthusiasm in recent years. Only bright spot in the lineup was the GT86, which is not sold in the year 2015 it was previously just 347 units in Germany. But CEO Akio Toyoda has ordered the brand (thank God) more emotion, and as Toyota now presents a shooting-brake version of GT86.

Four seats and more trunk

The design study was developed and designed by the product design team of Toyota in Australia. Then, it was built by hand in Japan, and now she revealed GT86 Chief Engineer Tetsuya TADA in Sydney. Compared to the Coupé, only the roof and the rear quarter of the body have been redesigned. The car now features a large trunk and two additional seats. On the long roof, you can transport surfboards, bicycles, or ski boxes. And thanks to the large tailgate opening, the trunk can be easily loaded, so Toyota.

No plans for series production

But it may be so practical, there's no plans for a production, says TADA-San. "Although would say of course never again and I really be happy if we would put this concept into a series car, is a concept car that expresses the enthusiasm by Toyota for cars that just be fun, but first and foremost." (sl)