Powerful SUV in the Bavarian dressed up

Munich, 26 April 2016

Yes it was bound to happen. X 6 M X 5 M and X 4 M40i there will be in the future an another SUV with the legendary letters in the name in the BMW portfolio. Our Erlkönig photographer now provides the evidence: put on the BMW X 3 M, he should the Macan Turbo and the next Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 legs make.

Strapping appearance

On the photos that have appeared in close to the M GmbH in Garching, near Munich, you can identify in which direction the look of X will be 3 M. Large wheels and the typical M air intakes in the new bumper make more aggressive look the SUV. At the rear are two completely new tailpipes. On closer inspection you can see that two smaller tubes end in each tailpipe greetings from the typical M-exhaust system.

360 HP x 3?

Since BMW in sporty SUVs already on the experience of X 4, X 5 and X 6 can rely is likely on the technical side a lot of the existing models be adopted. Take the Coupé version of the X 3 X 4 in its M40i variant, would that mean that a three-liter six-cylinder with 360 HP and 465 nm of torque could hit 3 M in the X. A Sprint value of under five seconds from standstill to 100 would be possible without any problems. Sounds good? We also find. (mf)