Porsche SE will lose dieselzaken of investors

Porsche SE, the holding company that owns Volkswagen, has two things that have to do with the dieselschandaal lost of investors. The holding company must have a total of forty million euros in damages to pay.

The rummage around of course all a while in Germany about diesels and the associated scandals. The Volkswagen group is already in september 2015 under fire because of tampering with diesel engines. Now it is a new penalty handed out. The court in Stuttgart ruled that investors do not have timely informed about the fraudulent practices. Investors saw the value of their investment, a considerable nose-dive. Now Porsche SE, the major shareholder with more than fifty percent control of Volkswagen AG, forty million euros to pay. The dieselschandaal cost Volkswagen already billions in damages and fines in different countries. Also, there were billions spent on the changes in the company, where more is used to drive electric.

The sportautomerk Porsche was himself the last time-several times in negative light. So it was last april in a raid made by the German justice. That action directed against employees of Porsche who were suspected of cheating and deception. It comes to three suspects, including a member of the board. Earlier, in the autumn of 2016, called Porsche voluntarily Macans back. Last February, free Porsche the Macan Dieselvoorlopig from the leveringsgamma. In the summer of last year was the Cayenne with a three litre diesel engine is prohibited by the German verkeersminister. Last month made Porsche well known the dieseltechniek forever to swing.

In addition to Volkswagen, BMW under the loupe due to the alleged dieselschandalen.