Porsche four-cylinder boxer With Turbo with 365 hp

With Turbo with 365 hp

The fact that Porsche is working on fuel-efficient four-cylinder boxer engines, is no secret. A British magazine now wants even know the performance.

Porsche also relies on downsizing. The Stuttgart plan to replace their classic six-cylinder boxer engine at least partially by engines with only four pots. The British magazine " Car" now speaks of three different variants with 1.6, 2.0 and 2.5 liters. The four cylinders should be arranged as usual in Boxer design and are supplied by a turbocharger with air so that power values ​​at the level of the known six-cylinder vacuums are possible.

The largest of the three direct-injection engine, it therefore brings to 268 kW/365 hp, the next smaller version to 213 kW/290 hp. Both engines will be offered initially in the Boxster and Cayman sports cars as well as the Cayenne SUV according to the report. The smallest engine of the trio with 157 kW/213 hp, however, could be used in a possible new entry level sports car of the mark or in models of sister companies Audi and VW.

Could premiere the new engine family already scheduled for the 2015 facelift of the Boxster / Cayman. Even a later use in the flagship 911 is possible.