Police Pick-up truck for the Sheriff

Dearborn (USA), 21. July 2017

It is surprising a little: The Ford F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in the United States, in the police service, the powerful Pick-up, however, hardly. There Ford with versions of the Fusion and Explorer successfully, at the same time, the Transit for the prisoner transport will be rebuilt. But now some of US are likely to get the Sheriff's eyes when he sees the new F-150 "Police responders".

Police work in the country

With the blue-light-Pick-up Ford has, especially in the rural areas of the United States in the visor, where off-road capabilities. But also for border surveillance and control of nature protection, the F-150 is ideal, says Stephen Tyler, responsible for the Marketing of the Ford police vehicles. It is a not inconsiderable market.

Strong in access

Let's look at the Ford F-150 Police Responder. The basis of the FX4 model of the F-150, the wheel base is 3.68 meters. A 3.5-Liter Ecoboost six-cylinder with 381 HP and 640 Newton metres of torque to drive the Pick-up easily at over 160 km/h. The shift work takes on a ten-speed automatic, add all-wheel drive.

Washable Rear Bench

In view of the stable F-150 body Ford made relatively few Changes for the police. So, among other things, the brakes are reinforced, with the addition of a Front anti-roll bar and 18-inch alloy wheels tires with All-Terrain. The middle seat of the front Bank is eliminated in favor of a massive console with a special use of electronics, an additional Generator provides power when the engine is switched off. Plates protect the underbody in the area. The front seats are particularly robust material, on the rear Bank, there are synthetic leather and materials that are easily washable. Externally, the massive front bumpers, particularly the front fascia for impression. One thing is clear: the fun does not understand this Ford F-150.(rh)