Polestar 1: The other Volvo

Shanghai (China), 17. October 2017

The strongest Volvo there is none. But somehow but. In China, the company has introduced the first model of the new car brand Polestar. Once used as a Swedish tuning company founded, then of Volvo as a designation for high-performance vehicles used, Polestar (English for "pole star") in the future, to the noble electric sub-brand of Sweden.

Elegant Two-Door

The first Model is unprosaisch Polestar 1 and is a classic coupe with optical bonds in the Volvo S90. As of this the Polestar 1 is based on the scalable SPA platform, but with 4.50 meters about half a Meter shorter. Also the wheelbase has been significantly reduced, the same applies to the rear Overhang. The body is largely made of carbon fiber. In addition, a chassis with actively controlled dampers, the Pilot, the suspension settings in the car can change. On Board, a brake is also complex with a 400-mm slices.

Triple heart with steam

In contrast to the other models, the Polestar is planning up to 2021, the number One is not a pure electric car, but a very strong Plug-in Hybrid. Two electric motors with a total of 160 kW is equal to 218 HP of power to enable up to 150 kilometers of electric Driving. Add under the hood of a two-liter gasoline engine. The performance of the system is Polestar with 441 kW 600 PS. Impressive is the maximum torque of 1,000 Newton meters.

Production in China

Ordered the Polestar 1 is available now, and production starts but it was only in mid-2019 in China. All Polestar will be produced-models, together with two companies of the Volvo parent company Geely, the installations should be completed by mid-2018. 640 million Euro will be invested in the Polestar project.

Subscription instead of buying

Per year to a maximum of 500 Polestar should not be 1 built, a classic selling price. Instead, a monthly subscription Rate will be payable in the insurance and maintenance are included. During the term of up to three years Pick - up and delivery services to the workshop are included, as well as accessories such as a roof box can be supplied and fitted. In addition, car hire can be for specific time order rooms. The Smartphone will become the key to allow the Concierge to bring services in command of the car. After the expiry of the subscription Polestar prepares the car and offer it to other customers, in a further Inserted.

Two more Polestar until 2021

What's next for Polestar? From 2019 to 2021, a total of five purely electric cars from Volvo and Polestar are coming on the market. The beginning of the Polestar 2. The vehicle is intended as a counterparty to the Tesla Model 3, the production should start with a higher mintage than that of the Polestar 1 by the end of 2019. The Polestar 3 is in the final design phase, here Volvo speaks only of a "large SUV-like electric car."(rh)