Pininfarina shows HK GT with Gullwing doors

Geneva, 7. March 2018

Pininfarina at the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March 2018) the HK GT in the spotlight. It is a Gran Turismo (GT), which was developed together with the Hybrid Kinetic (HK) Group – hence the abbreviation.

Modular Electric Platform

The rich tradition of the Italian Designer - and the body shop, the company has developed for HK a modular platform which can carry a complete range of electric vehicles. The drive comes from HK. In the Geneva study is not a pure E-drive, but one with a Range Extender works. Information on technology lack, but the stylish body offers space for four people. Is entered via French doors, in addition to the elaborate barbecue with built-in lighting that catches the eye.

Two large Displays

Inside, there is a somewhat rugged Cockpit with unconventional molded steering Wheel. The driving modes P, N, R, and D are activated through a vertically built-in Display in the center console. In addition, there is a wide-format Monitor in front of the passenger, which is apparently set to display navigation information.

Chinese company stepped in 2017

In the case of the Hybrid Kinetic Group is a Hong Kong-sitting company that specializes in electric drives and battery cells. Allegedly, the Chinese billionaire Rong Yang is behind the company. Her last public appearance was the company had in the year 2017 at the Geneva auto salon. There is a Pininfarina-designed luxury sedan called the H600 was seen with a drive from HK. The electric drive had over 500 kW (680 HP) as Range Extender, a small Turbine was used. On the car fair in Shanghai, the partners then showed five - and seven-seat SUVs.(sl)