On the race track with i8 and M6

Munich, August 31, 2015

Since 2013, the Munich-based carmaker BMW offers its i - models. Both electric and hybrid vehicles i3 and i8 are the Bavarian group for sustainability and future. Also for some time in the program: The driver training program BMW Driving Experience. Now these two things are connected, and the result is a whole new driving training. In addition to the already existing i3 eDrive Experience is now available that is still a new category in the portfolio of Munich, namely the " BMW i meets BMW M" mode. Here everything revolves under a driver training to the two sports models i8 and M6.

Driving pleasure

Experienced BMW instructors bring it among the participants of the training in theory and practice, which they should then implement later in the day on an extra ambitious course. Evasive maneuvers and emergency braking, wet handling and slalom, the right opportunity to experience extreme situations in a safe environment. On the premises of BMW and Mini Driving Academy, a former military airfield in Maisach near Munich, all participants have the opportunity to grope with the two sports cars to their limits.

?? Similar and yet different but very fast

If you're thinking: "i8 against M6, is not that a bit unfair with sledgehammer to crack quasi?" ?? not even close. Let's look at the technical data of the two unequal brothers. In M6 stomps a V8 with 4.4 liters of displacement, 560 hp and 680 Nm of torque. In contrast i8 kill two hearts: A three-cylinder engine with 231 hp and 320 Newton meters which drives the rear axle, and an electric drive with 132 hp and 250 Newton meters, which forwards its power to the front wheels. Thus, a high torque all-wheel drive, which offers in addition to the direct response of the electric motor also has the advantage of better traction. And at just 100 newton meters less than the M6. Especially on the narrow handling course in Maisach a real fun guarantor. In the end, only two tenths of sprints i8 namely thanks to 435 kg less fat on the ribs slowly from the state to 100 km / h as the M6. Only when the i8 slowly run out of electric power, the M6 ​​wins again clearly the upper hand. The "BMW i meets BMW M" mode is available for booking through the website of the BMW Driving Experience and costs 450 euros. (mf)