Official: McLaren Speedtail

After the earlier leaks, the car is actually no more secrets, but we are going to 'm nonetheless yet to officially introduce you to. This is the McLaren Speedtail!

With the Speedtail completes McLaren his new Ultimate Series, the model series that are at the top of the range. Previously consisted solely of the P1, but since the arrival of the Senna, we know that McLaren the properties of the 'old' which hypercar breaks down. In the Senna, it's all about performance and will form in a certain sense, for function, although this car is full of special details. The Speedtail has a very different character and is, according to McLaren a 'Hyper-GT.

The graceful, contoured in the carriage, not to everyone's tastes, it has become clear under the article on the previously published images, but especially the Speedtail sure. The entirely carbon fiber built body looks by its voluptuous lines and long, pointed back very elongated and streamlined. 5.2 m, he is actually a very long time. It would also be the most streamlined McLaren ever, which is reinforced by the fact that there is - especially for a which hypercar - remarkably few notches and air intakes are. The caps on the front wheels are a can't-miss detail. The caps remain upright while the wheel is spinning and the air optimally over the sophisticated bodywork lead. Another striking detail is the bar by the front window, a clear reference to the legendary McLaren F1 from the 90s.

The buttons to the vending machine to operate sit - where else? - in the roof

This keeps the comparison with the car not on, because the highlight of the Speedtail perhaps stoelconfiguratie. Just as with its illustrious predecessor is the driver in the middle. The dashboard is also symmetric, and the driver is on the left and right surrounded by screens with information and controls. That will undoubtedly take some getting used to, but it delivers as a practical advantage to an extra passenger seat. Both passenger seat to sit diagonally behind the driver. Also on the level of detail is shying away from McLaren in a bizarre format. For example, the buttons for the automatic transmission to operate in, yes, the roof. There is also that sun visors are missing. Instead, it is at the Speedtail possible to the upper edge of the windscreen to darken with the press of a button, in a way that is similar to what some panoramadaken also can. The glass itself is so opaque. Also the exterior rear view mirrors situation is special, because just like the Audi E-tron and Lexus ES are physical mirrors replaced by cameras and monitors.

GT or not, the Speedtail with 403 km/h the fastest McLaren ever

Unlike those cars are the cameras in the McLaren are foldable, making the streamline in some situations, even further can be optimized. That's what happens in 'Velocity Mode', the mode that is necessary to Speedtail its impressive top speed. For GT or not, the Speedtail with 403 km/h the fastest McLaren ever. McLaren does not go into great detail about the powertrain that will make that possible, but confirms that the Speedtail an electric motor combined with a gasoline engine, and the hybrid a whopping 1.050 hp on the leg.

The acceleration of 0-100 km/h beat the British, but equally about and also that 0-200 is apparently not so relevant. No, this is the 0-300 km/h in 12,8 seconds behind the back. In comparison, the P1 did 16,5 counting on this job. Its top speed gets the Speedtail in 'Velocity mode', in which the car 35 mm is reduced. The highest point of the roof is only 1.120 mm of the asphalt will be removed.

The McLaren Speedtail is in an edition of 106 copies were built and that number is not chosen at random: the F1 appeared in an edition of 106 copies. The new top-Mclaren is still a bit rarer than his colleague Senna, of which 500 will be made. More expensive-ie: the Senna in the price of 750,000 pounds, the Speedtail needs to 1.75 million pounds of produce. Translated into euros means that a 'bare' price of 1,97 million.