Nothing is more exclusive than this suitcase

Goodwood, December 11, 2015

They are still looking for a gift for your sweetheart? However, it should be a little extravagant and not too cheap? We had what was. No, we are not talking about a brand-new Audi S1. Where then would remain the exclusivity? Good thing there is the slightly crazy and extrovert of Rolls-Royce. You still stand by it in cocktails? Then we recommend to read on quickly.

A Barkoffer luxury

Designed for customers who " like to enjoy while more than a glass of champagne wish " and marketed by the well abgehobensten car brand in the world, this gem could soon be under your Christmas tree. In eight weeks made ​​by hand, molded from American burl wood and wrapped in navy blue leather, raises the new Rolls-Royce Barkoffer ?? Yes you heard right, this is about a Barkoffer ?? on the Olympus of the most useless car accessories.

Very much detailed work

The case contains " everything that is needed for mixing and enjoying perfect cocktails ". Place settings, if " should wish its owner, his guests to pamper canapes ", Napkins made ​​of finest cotton, a Shaker edged in golden leather: The dream of every cocktail fans. The lenses are manufactured in Europe's most famous glass factory. We spend too much at this point the name, he will tell you how us nothing anyway, but the company supplies numerous royal families ?? if that should influence your buying decision. The glasses are blown by hand in Buchholz forms what is so complicated that even require working there masters a full month for it. In addition, the glasses are not identical, as compensation for, they are at the edge coated with platinum, a minimum of courtesy to the inequality.

Light and pleasure

If you should dare to open your suitcase each, you will ?? similar to a saint certificate ?? emit a warm light against that is refracted by mirrors integrated into a sparkling sea of ​​lights. Small items such as a sieve with Rolls-Royce monogram or a cocktail clapper made ​​of American walnut burl show how much effort has gone to the design department of the cabinet of curiosities. Moreover, cocktail recipes are included, the chief designer Sina - Maria Eggl has selected with the specialists of London's Dorchester Hotel. Precious is the world basically.

Not for the petty cash

By the way you should be fast, and yet now consult a 130 Rolls-Royce dealerships worldwide, in order to secure your own personal copy of this essential accessories ?? namely it is limited to only 15 pieces. Oh the price? A ridiculous triviality of 31 515 Euro. Merry Christmas! ( mf )