No April Fool's joke: Engine with variable displacement.

Role (Switzerland), 17 August 2016

Seems like a great April Fool joke Infiniti's latest invention: Nissan's brand is on the Paris Motor Show (October 1st to 16th) before the world's first production-ready engine with variable compression ratio. The child is named VC-T for "variable compression"turbocharged (variable compression ratio with turbocharging).

Two-liter turbo with adjustable top dead center

It's to a Turbo four-cylinder gasoline engine with two liters of displacement. The compression ratio is constant here, not like in a normal internal combustion engine over the entire speed range. The compression is changed by TDC of piston stroke is infinitely varied. This changed the engine and consequently the compression ratio. VC-t the compression ratio varies between 8:1 (for high power) and 14:1 (for efficiency). The ECU make the adjustments continuously and depending on the driving situation.

Use in the Q30 and Q50?

The benefits include a reduced consumption and lower emissions, but also improved the level of noise and less vibration. In addition, the VC-T engine is lighter and more compact. More than 20 years of development work into the unit, so the manufacturer. Performance and usage area, Infiniti makes information only to the fair. Q30 and Q50 would come into question. In these models, the brand currently offers a 211 HP strong 2.0-litre turbo. The Q30 2.0t 7DCT AWD has a standard fuel consumption of 6.7 liters. That's not bad for a 1.5-ton car with all-wheel drive and twin-clutch gearbox. Which is still significantly heavier and 40 HP more powerful BMW 330i xDrive Gran Turismo Steptronic however with 6.3-liter comes out. (sl)