Nine missing XKSS built

Schwalbach, 23 March 2016

Jaguar has a long and successful history of motor sport. One of the most legendary vehicles? The D-type. Three Le Mans victories in a row speak a clear language. When Jaguar 1956 trudged up the D-type project, 25 racing chassis were around unkomplettiert in the factory. What to do? They decided to make the race cars intended for the customer sport fit for road use the first Super sports car of in history. In a large fire in the workshop, the last nine vehicles, a unwiederherstellbarer robbery of the flames burned at that time unfortunately. To this day.

Historical race cars street legal

The racing cars in the 1950s have been modified slightly to make it roadworthy the D-types. The disc was further pulled up and placed in a chrome-plated frame, side Windows and a front passenger door were installed and modified bumpers, headlights and tail lights. A fabric roof to protect the passengers from rain. Now the nine missing in the series comprising 25 vehicles using original blueprints, drawings, and models be built yet. The cars will then go select Jaguar customers and collectors all over the world. Cost: from €1.27 million.

Jaguar fills more and more gaps

The team of Jaguar classic could attract already much attention with the replica of six original E-type Lightweight 2014. Even then, an important piece of Jaguar history based on original plans has been restored. (mf)