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Somerset ( GB), 7 January 2015

Even though he has much of a toy car and some might suspect you'd need for a remote control ?? Ariel's new off-road hammer called Nomad likely to have founded with its debut at the Birmingham exhibition " Autosport International " a whole new class of vehicle. Is it after its builder, the Nomad is in fact a kind of supercar for all cases ( and coverage).

High torque, low weight

The Ariel Nomad is powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder Honda, which usually is used in the top versions of the Honda Accord. After a revision by Ariel the naturally aspirated engine now but remarkable 240 hp and 300 Newton meters that go through a six-speed manual gearbox to the rear wheels. Particularly impressed with the high torque, but it looks like that in the turbocharged 2.0-liter atom. Also noteworthy is the low weight of the Nomad. Despite the larger wheels, more rollover protection, more powerful spring-damper elements and an enhanced off-road chassis he brings it to just 670 pounds. The sprint from zero to 60 miles per hour (97 km / h) should take just 3.4 seconds, top speed give the British depending on the setup of 200 to 220 kilometers per hour on.

Also intended for racing

Although Ariel boss Simon Saunders believes that most Nomads for private driving fun on and off the road to be bought, he should certainly be able to succeed in professional motorsport. In addition to the classic rallying and inserts in rallycross or autocross are conceivable. Saunders even believes that a well adjusted Nomad could cut despite missing four-wheel drive " honorable " in the Dakar Rally.

Tests on the track and in the forest

Despite constant developments in the atom and the launch of the motorcycle Ace the project Nomad took lately right to drive. The main reason for this is the son of the founder, Henry Siebert Saunders, whose off-road excitement fueled the development of the Nomad decisively: " We have tested the Nomad at various racetracks and private courses Including famous WRC stages and cordoned-off forest paths, the idea was. . our rear wheel drive car to confront tasks that are normal 4x4 vehicle just because we assumed that its compactness, its torque and low weight could compensate for the lack of all-wheel drive. So far, we were right. It's a whole new type of driving pleasure. "

Under 40,000 €

As the nearly 200 kilos lighter atom has the Nomad with a electron beam welded Giterrohrrahmen. The Fat chassis was developed with Bilstein, Eibach and Ohlins. There are thick knobby tires and polynuclear ramp and slope angle of 71 and 82 degrees. Racetracks Friends Ariel supplied with a GPS data logger and a fire extinguisher, although this totally crazy buggy but rather on sand and mud is well at home. Each Nomad is made of a Ariel together by hand and is fully customizable. This includes the color of the frame and body panels or different wheels from 15 to 18 inches. Likewise, numerous accessories such as additional spotlight, running boards, luggage articles and special exhaust for the Nomad will be available. Ariel's crazed Fun-Buggy to be delivered from the summer of 2015. Prices start at £ 30,000, which currently represents approximately 38,000 euros . (sw)