Nikola motor: the electric Truck?

Salt Lake City (USA), 20. September 2017

All the talk about the electric car. But what is actually a car with an electric load? Just a few days ago, Mercedes-subsidiary Fuso has unveiled the production version of the eCanter, a 7.5-Tonner with a range of 100 kilometers. First 500 vehicles, in 2019, to start the large-scale production. But it is also of two numbers is larger: the curtain rises on Nikola motor.

Tesla-enemies with Tesla-first name

At the company's headquarters in the American Salt Lake City working on electric Trucks of the 40-ton League. Behind Nikola motor, Trevor Milton, who has chosen the name of his company is aware of. Better said: The first name of Nikola Tesla. Thus, the direction is clear: To plant, as well as the electric car brand Tesla, the entry into the electric vehicle business. Even if the huge Tablet looks next to the truck driver in the future, Nikola Truck suspiciously close to that of Tesla: the two companies have nothing to do with each other.

Incredible Power

With the technology of Nikola works with Bosch. By 2021, it wants to bring the two electro-heavy-duty One and Two on the market. They differ mainly by the Dimension of the cab. Otherwise, you will be with over 1,000 HP and up to 2,700 Newton metres of torque-almost twice as strong as current tractor-trailer. The planned key figures are impressive: About 30 seconds with a charge of zero to 100 km/h 105 km/h with 36 tons total weight, and six percent slope and recuperation when driving downhill.

Fuel cell and Bosch technology

The batteries have a capacity of 320 kilowatt-hours. The fear is the driver of the Truck of the future eternal load times? No, says Nikola engine, because a fuel cell to offer between 1,300 and 1,900 kilometers. 15 minutes rated for a tank of fuel. The E-drive Nikola developed jointly with Bosch. The basis for the scalable, modular electric axle used by Bosch. It combines the Motor, drive electronics, and gearboxes. From it to produce an electric axle used for commercial vehicles with a double drive. Nikola CEO, Trevor Milton is his thing already very safe, and says: "We want to build the most revolutionary tractor ever on the market."(rh)