News from the big cheating

Wolfsburg, 25 November 2015

After raids in various VW buildings early October the Braunschweig prosecutor Following two legal proceedings against Volkswagen: In addition to a process for the manipulation software now also became one opened for tax evasion, reported the " Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung " in an online article from yesterday Tuesday ( November 24 ).

VW on to lower vehicle tax debt?

Five People "from the range of the VW Group " are accused. Apparently it comes to the car tax, which is determined, inter alia, by the CO2 emissions. Because of the VW - fudging it was set too low by the authorities. The blame does the prosecutor apparently at VW. Since the manipulations affecting 800,000 vehicles, it comes with tax evasion to a many millions of euros.

Correct CO2 levels are not fixed yet

How is the CO2 emissions of the affected models really are, not seems certain exactly. Because the else on the VW site retrievable price lists ( with data to ) is missing for some time. In the press pages of the company states: " Please note that the values ​​of CO2 and hence the consumption values ​​that we call on the website, stand up to clarify the events and subject to possibly given inaccurate. "

Confirmed retrofitting measures from KBA

Meanwhile, the first plans for the conversion of four-cylinder diesel affected the EA series have been 189 confirmed by the Federal Motor Transport Authority ( KBA ) as VW tells. As already known, the 2.0 TDI reaches a software update while the 1.6 TDI also interventions in the hardware are needed. Here, a device is installed which makes the air mass measurement more accurate, allowing for better control of the combustion process. The refitting the 1.2 TDI is the KBA has yet presented. The 3.0 TDI of the Group is affected only in the US. There another software was used which, although not as the NOx - cheat program is based on a cycle detection, but was unlawfully not logged in the USA.

Consumption and performance deteriorates?

The retrofitting measures should be carried out during the year 2016th VW plans to offer customers for the period of the workshop measures " replacement mobility ". That will not be affected by the technical modifications to engine performance, fuel consumption and performance, according to VW may " not be final confirmed ". Should deteriorate The performance units awarded in the prospectus values ​​, is expected to follow a compensation shaft . ( sl )