New three-cylinder petrol engine from Volvo

Cologne, December 11, 2014

Start of another motor development: Volvo will complement its driving range with a new three-cylinder petrol engine, which was developed entirely within a few years on their own in Gothenburg. This engine will expand called four-cylinder family down the Drive-E. The Volvo Drive-E generation engine with 2.0 liter engine was introduced in 2013.

The first prototypes are already

" In recent years, much has moved at Volvo. By working with the Chinese parent company of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, we are back in the first division went engine technology. The development of the new three-cylinder engine is already at an advanced stage ?? tests with the first prototype already underway, " said Dr. Peter Mertens, Vice - President of Volvo development.

For compact models and the 60 - series

The new three-cylinder engine is another result of the downsizing strategy at Volvo. The aggregate was thereby developed in view of the new CMA - vehicle architecture for compact models. But it will also be used in vehicles of the 60 series. The power spectrum of the motor should reach 105 to 180 hp. The turbocharged engine also complies already limits the emission standard Euro 7, so Volvo.

modular design

The engine block is based on the two-liter four-cylinder Drive the E family. The fourth cylinder is simply omitted, resulting in a displacement of 1.5 liters for the three-cylinder unit. In addition, the engine can be made ​​by the modular design on the same production line as the 2.0-Drive-E. (ml)